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My heart is upside down,back to front,inside out.
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My mind is in a turmoil,wants to rant and rave,scream and shout,
I want to hide,retreat.
I love you and I hate you, simultaneously.
I can't trust you anymore .Tell me how can this be?
This green eyed monster has me in its grip.
My over-whelming emotions are driven to the tip.
Then irrational behaviour is the order of the day,
logic and reason get ignored and pushed away.
I pinch myself again and again. It's me alone causing all this pain.
I imagine they see you like I do, I know what they're feeling, I feel it too.
They're undressing you with all their eyeing,they want you badly there's no denying.
You reassure me over, time and again. It's me that you love but when will this end.
I know I am causing so much heartache and it's ruining our life.
You tell me it's my lack of confidence that's causing all this strife.
Please stay and talk it out with me,until the bitter end,
just maybe, with help and after all is said,t
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I'm a hopeless romantic who doesn't want a romance of her own.
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I'm a hardworking realist and optimist.
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"I want adventure in the great wide somewhere! I want it more than I can tell..."
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Sic Parvis Magna


Oh my.

First off, heyo~!! I haven't written a journal in ages! Busy busy, always moving~
I've been working on a story, and I truly appreciate :iconbloodborne1993: for being ridiculously patient with me. Seriously, like, it's been four months and I'm still like a little monkey beating a drum when it comes to your story.

I do have some interesting updates. One of my friends from Germany came to visit me here, and I am still trying to come up with a journal entry of our adventures. I didn't take as many pictures as I could have! But we're planning a trip either to Euro Disney or Disneyland because we watched a crap ton of Disney movies.

Onto my main topic.

One of these guys I used to work with messaged me and told me that he wanted to watch a movie with me. Of course, I threw in a Disney movie. Cuz Disney movies.
But he told me that he wanted to watch 'The Notebook' with me. I had never seen that movie before, but I heard a lot about it being a chick-flick. Being a hopeless romantic, I agreed to watch it with him. Only, I'm a rebel, and I didn't end up watching it with him; I watched it by myself. With coffee. And my doggies. Bwahaha. 

Both mom and papa went on to tell me that the movie was ridiculously good. Papa mentioned how he watched it while he was deployed and it took him a lot of strength not to cry. Which is very unlike him. That man can not cry.
Papa and I stopped by the library today and the Belle in me kicked in cuz BOOKS. I found the book, figuring that most books are better than their movie counterparts, and grabbed it off the shelf. I borrowed it and showed my Papa. He got upset.
"Ay, hija, the movie is better~!"
So, he took me to Wal-Mart, and we dug through the $5.00 bin for that movie. God bless the $5.00 bin.
Went home, practiced Zumba, study study, yada yada, then I watched it. Like. Holy crap.
I DIDN'T CRY, OKAY. Fine, I was really close to crying. BUT I DIDN'T. STUPID BIRDS AT THE END.
It's very emotional. Just watching how two people can fall in love is extravagant. I kept smiling like an idiot throughout the whole movie though because those hopeless romantic scenes, man. Just. I can't not smile at scenes like that.
I knew what was going to happen while I watched it. Two people who aren't destined to be together in the first place are inevitably going to end up together. It's a part of the Hopeless Romantic handbook, we all know this. But the ending, though. I wasn't expecting the ending to happen. Once it went down, I sat there for, like, five minutes, trying to process what happened. And I was really trying not to cry.

Now I see why that boy wanted to watch the movie with me, dammit. In all honesty, watching it with him doesn't sound like a bad idea. He'd better not try anything stupid, though. I can kick awfully high.
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Break Time!

Thu Jul 16, 2015, 8:39 PM

After working on a fabulous fan-fiction for a few hours (including brainstorming while at work), I've decided to do a little questionnaire to take a break. My brain is fried, yo!

1. What’s your passion?
My passion is to teach others. I'm a nerd in my own right, and I study a lot of the time. I even avoid my friends just to study, and somehow, they're still my friends. Some of them, anyways!
Because my head is always in a book of some kind (or in my iPad to respond to messages or to look up some part of history or to learn a new Japanese word), I am always eager to tell my family or my friends what I learn. And most of the time...they don't really seem to care that I learned something. And I'm referred to as "Miss Know-It-All," which I don't particularly take pride in.
That's why I want to teach, both while I'm in the military and once I become a professor. I'm always so eager to pass on what I learn, and I hope to pass it on to an audience who will listen to me.


2. What would you do in life if you did not need to work for money?
I would study and travel. I absolutely love traveling. I want to see the world and take as many pictures as humanly possible. As I've said before, I had the privilege of living in Germany and exploring the countries around Germany, and while I've seen a lot and made so many amazing friends, I want to see so much more and make so many more friends!


3. Where do you want to be in 5, 10, 20 or 40 years?
I will be in the military for a while, probably for 10+ years. Growing up as a military brat, it isn't necessarily easy to get away from the lifestyle. Afterwards, I'm either thinking of traveling once again as an ECE teacher, or I may be a professor of linguistics at a university...I'm not sure which state I'll reside in yet yet, though I would like to live in California...we'll see.
I do know that I want a Doctorate degree either in ECE or Linguistics. I may even go for both, there are no limits!


4. What are your fundamental life values?
First: Frugality. I'm...incredibly cheap. My mother taught me to be this way, just as her mother taught her. Our thing is and has always been: no student loans, ever. The very concept of owing somebody money bothers me, so I've paid for school out of my own pocket, as well as with grants and scholarships. Thank goodness for grants and scholarships.
Second: Sanguinity. It's nice to stay positive and confident. Yeah, I've been torn down tons of times, but that hopefulness and that "Maybe someday" in the back of my mind keeps me going.
Third: Solitude. I treasure my time alone. In my room. With several books around me and music from the anime A.R.I.A playing softly in the background.


5. Who are the 3 most important people in your life?
Only three? Really? It's an obvious one: My Papa, my Mamma, and my brother.
My Papa and I have had conflict, but we're working things out. I didn't realize how important father-daughter relationships were until we decided to put aside our differences and talk.
My Mamma has been my friend for the longest time. We joke around all the time, and we laugh at the same things...though I have the habit of laughing until I'm close to passing out! People think we're sisters all the time because of how we act towards one another!
My brother is an absolute doofus; he looks tough on the outside, but his heart is absolutely extravagant, unlike anything I've ever witnessed. He protects me, and I protect him...if he hasn't already helped himself!
I do want to add another person as well: :iconomnalii: .
This chick is absolutely amazing. We have a ton of things in common, and I'm always ready and willing to stay up late to chat with her. I'm so thankful that she does the same for me. I can't wait until we meet someday! I have my kimono picked out and everything!


6. What is your biggest dream?
I want to go to Japan. That is my biggest dream, and it has been for a very long time.
I remember the very first time I listened to Japanese music; it was in Germany, and I was doing homework. I wanted to listen to some music, and randomly on my front page was this foreign language that looked so amazing to me. So, I clicked and listened.
As a matter of fact, it was this song:…
I had no idea what was being said, but I immediately loved it. When I found it was Japanese, the desire for wanting to go to Japan began. And it hasn't died down. It's actually intensified significantly over the years. I could daydream about Japan all day if given the chance.  


7. How much are you ready to sacrifice for your dream to come true?
While going to Japan is my biggest dream at the moment, it isn't my only dream. I'm sacrificing a lot right now to score the smaller dreams. I've taken up so much of my time studying, even staying away from my friends so that I can excel. When not at school, I'm at work working eight plus hours. I consider eating a luxury sometimes because I don't always have the time to sit and enjoy a meal. I'm a bit of an insomniac because I want to make sure every piece of work is presentable. I took up Zumba to stay in shape and ice skating to relieve stress while feeling graceful somehow. Sleep is like an acquaintance to me.
I'm not sacrificing so much compared to others...but it's enough, you know?


8. What are the 3 things in your life that you would like to change?
One: Time management. I would like to spend more time with my friends. I've put them aside so many times and I feel guilty each and every time.
Two: Patience. I need more patience. I'm an instant gratification kind of girl. If I have to wait, I'll only wait so long. If I have to wait any longer than what I feel I'm supposed to wait, I start having breakdowns.
Three: Warmth. I'm a cold person once you get to know me. I'll be warm to people I've never met before, but once we get to know one another, I immediately have the tendency to shut them out. I don't know why, either. I'll it. That's why I have a lot of respect for the ones who continue talking to me. These people are my true friends. But I shouldn't be doing that to anyone, period, end of story.


9. When was the last time you laughed out loud?
My problem is that I can't stop laughing once I start laughing at something I find incredibly funny. Seriously, I will sit down sometimes, recall incredibly funny moments, and nobody will be able to stop me from laughing! Their words and disgruntled looks will only make me laugh even harder!
For instance: While I was working in Germany, a bagger was asking a customer how he was doing. The customer needed clarification a few times because he couldn't understand the bagger. The bagger asks one last time, and randomly, the customer asks, "Cake?"
He thought that the bagger was asking about cake!! You guys, I couldn't breathe. I was laughing so hard, my managers had to come over to see if I was okay! And even after the incident, I couldn't stop laughing; I'm laughing as I'm recalling this again!


10. What are you grateful for?
For so many things. I'm grateful for the people I've been able to meet, virtually and physically. I'm grateful to have been given the opportunities I've been given. I'm grateful for having travelled where I have. Most of the time, I don't think about this particular question because my mind is always focused on what needs to be it's good to sit and think about these things.

  • Listening to: Just For You: Round Table Feat. Nino
  • Reading: Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl
  • Watching: React Channel: The Fine Bros
  • Playing: The Sims: Late Night
  • Eating: Thin steak meat and rice.
  • Drinking: Coffee.

ATW: California Pt. Two

Thu Jul 2, 2015, 11:26 PM

I shall continue where I left off!

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
This was a photo booth thingy at the arcade. It enhances your eyes and stuff. I don't know, I didn't go in. I only took a picture because it says Tokyo on it. :3

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
I tried this drink called a Boba. It was a red bean milk tea, and it was so rich in taste! I wanted more~!

Onto my Tio's wedding!! The colors were lilac and white. Very nice, no?
Untitled by LovablyAwkward
I know you guys see those balloons~! I wanted to help with the decorations, so~...

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
Untitled by LovablyAwkward
Untitled by LovablyAwkward
Untitled by LovablyAwkwardUntitled by LovablyAwkward
You guys shouldn't be surprised at this point, I love balloons. • (・∀・ ) •
I blew them up while my niece hung them up. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it!

Some shots of the fam!
Untitled by LovablyAwkward
It's root beer, calm down~
I didn't know that if you tap the top with the bottom of another bottle, it causes foam to rise. My cousins are geniuses!!

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
Niece photo-bombed by cousin~

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
Oh noes, I've been spotted by cousin one and two!! Everybody rawwwn~

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
I didn't take too many pictures of the fam, but we're a big bunch. The rest are either in the pool or indoors. Where the air conditioner was. Cuz it was hot.

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
The wonderful kēki!

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
This warmed my heart. My Papa was showing my Tio how to open the champagne bottle. The lovely bride, now my Tia, was also observing.

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
Omnom!! The kēki was to die for~ It was red velvet with strawberry cream filling.

And finally, DISNEYLAND~~!! I was looking forward to Disneyland for the longest time, you guys!
Untitled by LovablyAwkward
It was seriously dazzling. I want to go back to Disneyland. I wish we had the three-day pass! Maybe next time!

Oh, before the pictures of Disneyland, my Papa took us to the house where he grew up.
Untitled by LovablyAwkward
We couldn't go in, of course, but my Abuelito (little grandpa) built that fence around the house. My Abuelita (little grandma) would always plant, and she loved roses so much that rose bushes dominated the front yard!
The poor woman there was looking at us all confused. My Papa had to explain to her that this is where he grew up. She was okay with us being there afterwards!

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
Another picture. My Papa even teased me saying that he lived down the street from Disneyland. Not cool. XD
We also drove by the Church I was baptized at. Saint Boniface Catholic Church. I can still remember my baptism; I was terrified, yo. You can even see how terrified I was in one of the photo albums we have hidden in the house.

Kay, now Disneyland!!

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
At the entrance. I should have known that the line would be crazy!

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
I was too short for so many of the photos! I had to get on my tippy toes and raise my arms up just to take pictures (the struggle is real)! I'm surprised by how well this photo turned out though. It's almost centered!

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
Touching story with this picture: I had mentioned work out of the blue, and my Papa gave me this disgruntled look. He was like, "Andreita, look up."
So, I looked up and saw this! He told me that I needed to relax; that this was a day to have fun. So, this picture has a lot of meaning to me!

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
Donald Duck! I wasn't willing to stand in line just to take a picture with him. It was too long.

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
The lines were yay-long to see Donald. Imagine Mickey's line!

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
Tomorrowland was amazing! Space and technology and STAR WARS~

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
Hehe, guess who~?

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
Lines are eternal at Disneyland. We were waiting forty-five minutes to go on a Finding Nemo ride. The wait was worth it, though! Just keep swimming~

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
DISNEY BALLOONS, YOU GUYS. I wanted one, but I wouldn't have been able to take it with me. They were so beautiful, though!!

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
Entrance to "It's a small world." So big!!

Get ready for some blurry shots!
Untitled by LovablyAwkward
My mom was all like, "Look Drea, Japan!"
No duh, I took a picture!

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
It was difficult to take pictures on that ride, but this is cute!

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
A relatively clear one! (And my bro's big head)

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
Goofy! Yeah, the line for him was too long as well.

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
We went to a show!! It was amazing, the dancers were so graceful! We had to stand out in the sun for a long time, but again, the wait was worth it!

Untitled by LovablyAwkward

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
'Oh, oobee doo, I wanna be like you~
I wanna walk like you, talk like you, too~'

Untitled by LovablyAwkwardUntitled by LovablyAwkward
Hehe, look at da Stitch. I give major props to whoever is in the suit, though! It must be burning up in there!

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
My girl Tiana!! LOL, she was staring directly at me because my arms were sticking up all awkwardly. XD

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
Pocahontas!! Such a rare sight, everybody was cheering once she arrived on stage. I read that she is a rare appearance at the park, so it was an honor to see her! And her voice was so powerful, just like in the movie!!

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
:iconomnalii: Drea, whatchu doin' up there! XD
Mulan was jamming!

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
Flynn: What is dis? Why is dis happening? XD

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
Outside of The Haunted Mansion! It felt wonderful standing where I was, there was actually shade. Who would have thought!

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
Right, so I pretended that I was taking a picture of the mansion, but I was aiming for this guy. He is beautiful, okay? He reminds me of a blonde Saizo. With shorter hair.

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
Jambalaya at New Orleans Square! This was actually the second meal I ate that day. And I couldn't finish it. The first meal was breakfast; pancakes. Couldn't finish that either. California doesn't want me to eat. #PetiteProblems
Untitled by LovablyAwkward
More kēki! My brother's slice. It was chocolate, and it had mango and apricot, and white looks delicious!!

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
Do you guys see the guy in the blue shirt? I couldn't stop laughing when I discovered that he was looking my way. I'm easily amused~
And there were lines to take pictures in front of the statue. Lines dominate this park.

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
Look at all da people!!

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
Curious Goofy!

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
:iconstargirl143: I rode the Indiana Jones ride with my family and I thought of the little story you wrote for me! "Bring it on, Mara!" XD You absolutely nailed him!
Oh, and I'm proud to say that I was indeed tall enough to ride the rides at Disneyland. What now!!

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
It was difficult to find a place to stand for the parade, so I went into a shop and watched it from there. The workers in there were kind enough to let me stay and watch the parade from there!
Anyways, Anna and Elsa! This was so cute, Anna was making faces towards Elsa...

Untitled by LovablyAwkwardUntitled by LovablyAwkward
And Elsa found out! Oh noes! Hehe, those two made a really cute Anna and Elsa!

Untitled by LovablyAwkwardUntitled by LovablyAwkward
Olaf was absolutely adorable, as usual~!

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
Here, a little kiss from Elsa!

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
This was the only clear shot I got of Mickey on the float.

Untitled by LovablyAwkwardUntitled by LovablyAwkwardUntitled by LovablyAwkwardUntitled by LovablyAwkward
Fireworks~!! So loud, but so extravagant!! I haven't seen fireworks since the Volksfest in Germany, it nearly brought me to tears because of all the nostalgia.
Untitled by LovablyAwkward
Unfortunately, we had to leave this ridiculously magical place (OH MY GOSH, THERE ARE TWO BALLOONS IN THE BACK, I JUST NOTICED), but someday, we shall return!
 I told my mom that when I have children, I want to take them to Disneyland once a year. Disneyworld as well, just for some variety. That'll be a while from now, so I have to save up for them.

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
So, the whole time we were in Cali, it didn't rain. It finally rained as we were leaving. 
My Tio told me that there was a huge storm after we left. At least the area finally got some rain!

A couple of souvenirs!
Untitled by LovablyAwkward
Belle mug! God, it was pricey. Not gonna lie, I bought three things from that park. I spent close to fifty bucks for three things. Hurn.

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
Mulan pin!
It's crazy how much a fictitious being can help you. Because I'm joining the military, I've drawn a lot of strength from Mulan. I can't really describe it. No, I'm probably not going to save the United States with my linguistics skills. But all I know is that every time I watch her movie, I'm always a little less anxious.

Untitled by LovablyAwkward
I do miss California, but it feels so good to be back home. I missed my majestic mountains.

Oh, and one last thing!
Untitled by LovablyAwkward
Of course, ninjas! What did you guys expect! XD

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  • Watching: About DLIFLC
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  • Eating: Salad.
  • Drinking: Coffee. Not with the salad, though. Nein, nein.


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Thank you for the favourite adds :)
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